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    ROG Forum Rules & Offenses Empty ROG Forum Rules & Offenses

    Post by Republic City on Fri Oct 04, 2019 6:31 am

    Forum Rules & Offenses

    Republic of Gamerz 

    SpammingPosting something multi times with the same content or making multi thread with the same content within the same time.Warning
    Inappropriate WordsYou are not allowed to use offensive words in the forum.Warning
    Inappropriate ContentPosting something that is unacceptable to the public's eye.Warning
    Signature RulePutting something in your signature that could offend someone or degrading the community. Your signature is set to its required size. 2 Days Ban
    Wrong SectionPosting a new ticket/thread in a wrong forum. (Must read the forum description before posting your new thread/topic)Warning
    Spam AdsSpamming a thread to advertise your benefits.3 Days Ban
    OOC RulesMeta-Gaming/OOC, Posting OOC topic in a In-Charcter Section.3 Days Ban
    Banned Post ViolationPosting multi ban appeal form in ban appeals section.3 Days Ban
    Disrespecting StaffInsulting a MO-RPG Staff & VPD Staff7 Days Ban
    Insulting MembersInsulting someone or continuously harassing them3 Days Ban
    Circumventing a Topic Lock
    Posting a thread that has already been closed3 Days Ban
    Hitman ReleaseReleasing Hitman names in any section of the forum.3 Days Ban
    Copying someones post without their permission.5 Days Ban
    Harassing StaffSending staff a multi PM's or tagging them in any thread.7 Days Ban
    Server AdvertismentAdvertising any type of community or gaming host other than MO-RPGPermanent Ban
    .You are not allowed to use offensive words in the forum

    This rules may also be change without any prior notice.

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